The New Society Handbook

The reorganized society has published a handbook explaining its new policies. This handbook has been issued to all agents.
Some excerpts follow:

Taking The Initiative: Pursuing Secondary Objectives

In the course of completing other tasks, Pathfinders are likely to encounter unforeseen opportunities to benefit the Society. As communicating with the Society in every such instance is prohibitively expensive, Pathfinders are encouraged to use their initiative in pursuing these targets. Those who succeed in acquiring valuable resources for the society will be appropriately rewarded. Most such opportunities fall into the following four categories:


Pathfinders are always encouraged to acquire more money for the society. As the adage states, it takes money to make money, so all pathfinders are authorized to employ society resources up 2,500 gp on their own authority to take advantage of opportunities which present themselves. Pathfinders who misuse this authority through incompetence face censure, and those who abuse it maliciously will be punished appropriately. If larger opportunities requiring larger investment present themselves, pathfinders are encouraged to consult with higher ranked society operatives. Venture captains may access up to 20,000 gp beyond the resources of their lodge, requests for larger amounts should be directed to the office of Professor Merriweather.


Powerful magical devices should be acquired and brought to the society for safety/study/use whenever possible. If such acquisition is likely to cause problems for the Society’s relations, caution should be used, ideally including consultation with Society officers.


Skilled operatives are of great value to the society, and effort should be made to recruit those with skills useful to the society.


Good relations with powerful entities are key to the Society’s success, and should be pursued whenever possible. Pathfinders should conduct themselves diplomatically at all times, and should be prepared to do favors whenever their other missions allow.

Calling in Reinforcements

Pathfinders teams are issued sending scrolls to call for reinforcements when necessary. However, these are expensive resources, and their use should be avoided when possible. The most typical use is for specific problems the team lacks the capability to deal with. (As pathfinder teams are assigned using divination, they should be able to deal with most opposition they encounter).

The New Society Handbook

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