Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace houses the government of Golarion.

The Imperial Palace was built in Absalom on the site of the recently demolished Skyreach, symbolizing the change from the mysterious hegemony of the Pathfinder Society to the new order of the Empire.

Begun in 137, and completed in 255, it is considered the pinnacle of the Imperial architecture. Composed primarily of adamantine, the Palace reaches 500 meters into the sky, overshadowing even Absalom’s impressive skyline. It houses a substantial portion of Golarion’s bureaucracy, in addition of course to the councilors and their retinues, as well as the priests responsible for representing Iomedae.

The highest floor of the palace, overlooking Absalom, Kortos, and the sparkling inner sea, is the Grand Council Chamber, its domed roof is a beautiful artwork, “The Triumph of Man,” composed of countless precious stones, assembled as in stained glass. It depicts the history of civilization, culminating in the Return of Aroden, and the Age of Glory.

The Imperial palace is the only building in Golarion large and important enough to have multiple Interail stations.

Imperial Palace

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