Government of Golarion

Government of Golarion

The current government of Golarion dates to ??? AR, when Emperor Bungo I reorganized the government upon his death. It was determined that while the fate of the mortal races should maintain mastery of their own fate, but no individuals could be trusted to maintain their allegiance. Consequently, the two sided government was created. The Government is housed in the Imperial Palace in Absalom.

The Council of the Elected

The vast majority of all governmental functions are performed by the Council of the Elected. 200 councilors, each chosen by a provinces of equal population (generally subsections of former nations) make up the Council. 20 provinces (forming a grand province) together elect a grand councilor. The 10 grand councilors are responsible for a majority of the debating which occurs in council sessions. The Council makes laws, resolves disputes, appoints leaders of departments, and performs any other necessary functions.

Election of Councilors

Every year, 40 provinces hold elections. Each town (or city district) votes for an elector. All the electors of a province gather together to choose a councilor from among themselves. All the councilors of a grand province gather together and choose a grand councilor from among themselves.


Iomedae is the official Empress of Golarion. She has technically unlimited power but exerts it only when necessary. Her primary function is as a check on the integrity of the councilors. In theory, if, as in war time, the council was unable to make decisions with the necessary haste, she would step in.

Governmental Departments

Department of Health
Department of Resurrections
Department of Industry
Department of Education
Interplanar Railway System
Holy Inquisition
Department of Mining

Laws of the Empire

The Laws of the Empire were inspired by the Law of the Greenmarches. The Greenmarches was formed shortly before the Vampire/Lycan War, and its laws were written by Derick Valeria, a powerful cleric of Desna and adviser to the King.

Government of Golarion

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