Department of Education

Department of Education

The Department of Education is the branch of the Imperial government responsible for the education of its citizens. It manages schools throughout Golarion.

Primary Education

Primary education is mandatory for all citizens, and is fully funded by the government. Public schools are located in every settlement in Golarion. This includes a required level of proficiency in Mathematics, History, Languages, Alchemy, Theory of Magic, and Culture. Primary education is typically completed around reaching adulthood. Which years are spent in school varies between races. The intent of primary education is to provide basic knowledge and reasoning skills required for all citizens, not to supply any occupational skills.

Secondary Education

The purpose of Secondary Education is to provide the specific skills necessary to have a productive occupation. This is provided by universities with various specializations. Secondary education is not mandated, but it is fully funded the the Department of Education. Consequently, almost the entire population attends university. Secondary Education usually takes around 10 years, and upon completion, the graduate has attained 5th level.

Tertiary Education

While the Department of Education oversees all education in Golarion, additional education (called tertiary) is not funded by the government. This includes additional degrees, as well as highly specialized or advanced training.

Department of Education

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